Why Drawers are the Next Addition to your Kitchen

The average, standard kitchen was generally constructed with more cupboards opposed to drawers, you’d have the odd set of drawers chucked in the design here and there, but people found cupboards to be more “efficient” and “roomy” you could say – this old design method just isn’t cutting it anymore and I’m here to tell you why.

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation or a brand spanking new kitchen all together, I’m here to convince you that EVERY kitchen should have drawers – not overloaded with cupboards. If you’ve already got drawers in your kitchen, all you need to do is read on and feel awesome.

So the reason I felt the need to share this post with you was from my ideas of renovating my own kitchen and seeing some designs of all the modern looks around – a lot of kitchens are being made with more drawers opposed to those pesky cupboards that make you bend down and reach into the corner of darkness (or if you’re short like me, reaching up with all your power on your tippy-toes to reach the plates… trust me – it’s a mission.) why drawers? Seriously, why are drawers suddenly taking the limelight? Well, from my research and various (probably annoying) questions to Ryan himself I found out exactly why, after reading these benefits you’ll in my boat with wanting drawers!


  • Easy Access

Do you remember my post about ‘decluttering your cupboards’? well let’s just say you won’t be needing to get lost in the back of that overfilled (very messy) cupboard that hardly closes because it’s just jam packed, drawers solve this problem perfectly, even making the objects in the very back easier to grab without having to pull everything out.


  • Organization made a breeze

The space inside most cupboards is pretty much just a giant box which can often cause a terrifying jumble of containers, pots/pans gone wild, with drawers you can add dividers which can keep everything separate BUT all in the same spot AND you can’t get lost in this one!


  • They’re the only way to go if you don’t have over-hanging cupboards

If you like the look of a kitchen without upper cabinets, drawers are pretty much the only way to go. Imagine, for a moment, trying to cram bowls and plates and glassware into a doored cabinet. Not ideal in my opinion.


  • They’ll amaze your friends and family.

We’re not saying you should redo your kitchen just to make your friends and family jealous, but can you imagine the look on their faces when they realize your bottom storage features drawers instead of cupboards?

Having drawers is the modern style, while keeping the look modern you are also creating more space and keeping it all tidy and organised – I’m still in love with the idea of cupboards in a kitchen and they most definitely work for some people, but drawers have won my vote – especially because you can get different sizes of drawers that can hold anything, like literally cups, plates, cutlery, pots/pans, cleaning gear, food, wine…

Instead of having to get down and dig through the back of a cabinet, you just open it up and gently choose from an organized array. Drawers make you feel like you live in Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen – now come to think of it, where can I get a Gordon Ramsay after I install those drawers?