Custom-made Furniture

Custom-made Furniture by Next Edition Kitchens

Do you stub your toe on that awkward bit of the drawers that sticks out just past your bedroom door?

Do you struggle to display your really tall pieces of China?

Ever tried fitting the Kitchenaid or Thermomix into a cupboard?

If you’re in the market for furniture to fit your house, look no further than Next Edition Kitchens.

Designer Ryan Bourke says he is seeing an increasing need for custom-made furniture.

“There was a stage where furniture-making was a dying art,” says the cabinetmaker from Whangarei. “Fortunately people are now seeing how disposable the imported, mass produced stuff is and they are wanting pieces that last.”


Ryan says people are starting to notice how their grandparents furniture will outlast a chain store piece.

“They’re realising that going with quality in the first instance will save them money in the long term.”

Popular projects for Ryan have included bookshelves, desks, bedside tables and TV cabinets.

He says a bookshelf he made for his son five years ago still gets comments from friends and family.

“It seems to be the first thing people notice when they see the kids’ playroom.”

Custom-made Furniture

Ryan Bourke from Next Edition Kitchens made this bookshelf 5 years ago and it still gets comments from friends and family.

Difficult Projects

His favourite projects are the more difficult ones though.

“I once had to make a desk that blended with existing cabinetry in the customer’s kitchen, the colour used in the kitchen had been discontinued, and lots of other suppliers had turned her away. Fortunately we were able to find a perfect match in a newer shade, the desk looked amazing!”

Making shop displays is another of Ryan’s talents.

Display Shelves in Whangarei

Next Edition Kitchens have completed the fit out for a number of commercial premises. Most recently the team fitted out White Cross in Whangarei.

“I really enjoy seeing how I can make shelving to perfectly display a product.”

For more information, or for a free quote contact Next Edition Kitchens on 09 4303074 or 021 740 443.

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How Long Will My Kitchen Take?

We quite often get people ask why their kitchen isn’t installed the next week. While our staff would love to be able to do a quick turn around, quality workmanship takes time. We work with you to ensure your kitchen is exactly what you want. Here’s a timeframe for how long your new project could take.



From Next Edition Kitchens to your Kitchen

It may seem like we are spoilt for choice when it comes Whangarei Kitchens. When you do a quick Google search there are far too many results, so what makes Next Edition Kitchens different? We genuinely care about Whangarei Kitchens. Owner, Ryan Bourke, grew up in a small home in Whau Valley. His parents and grandparents also lived in Whangarei homes. The first few pages of the Edmonds cookbook pretty much sums up his entire childhood, spent in Whangarei Kitchens! So it would make sense that his passion lies in Whangarei Kitchen Design.

But Kitchens would be nothing without recipes. Ryan’s wife and business partner Pippa is passionate about good food too, so our blog will feature our favourite recipes- from Next Edition Kitchens to your kitchen!

First up, a new favourite by Nicci Webb from At a Pinch.

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Kumara Salad from At a Pinch

Kumara Bacon Salad

Let’s be honest… If something has bacon in it, it’s going to taste pretty damn good, right?!

✔4-5 red Sweetas Kumara (peeled and cubed)
✔3-4 rashers of bacon
✔Cherry tomatoes, quartered
✔1 red capsicum, finely sliced
✔70g goats feta, cubed
✔large handful of baby spinach, chopped

1) Toss the cubed kumara in a touch of olive oil with salt and pepper. Lay out on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Place in the oven 200C. Bake for 15 minutes.
2) After 15 minutes, lay the bacon rashers on top of the kumara, turn the oven up to 220C. Bake for another 15-20minutes until nice and golden.
3) Let the kumara and bacon, cool a bit; roughly chop the bacon up.
4) Add all the ingredients into a serving bowl, gently toss.

DIY Kid’s Water Table

So today I did a quote and figured it would be easier to show you guys how to make this awesome kid’s water table than it was to get two cabinetmakers to construct on Christmas Eve… Shhh, don’t tell the guys. Merry Christmas!

Simply add a fish bin measuring 405 mm x 670 mm x 270 mm and you’re done! Remember to always supervise children around water.