Ryan convinced me to move my dishwasher from where I thought it would look best. At the time I wasn’t convinced, but now I completely understand why you pay a cabinetmaker to design your kitchen. The workflow is amazing!                                      -BARBARA

When designing your kitchen, you need to consider meal preparation and clean-up as ‘workflows’. That is they are tasks that need to be as streamlined as possible so you can get on with more enjoyable things!

The layout of your kitchen depends on your personal habits. If you’re short of time in the morning, you want everything you need for breakfast within easy reach. It’s easy to minimise the number of steps you have to take in your kitchen. By using ergonomic solutions, you have everything immediately to hand.FLOORING

Contrary to popular belief, flooring is easy to do after a kitchen is installed. Make sure that the grain is not so rough that it picks up all the dust, or not so smooth that you fall head over heels every-time you do the dishes.


Consider having two single dish drawers either side of the sink. That way it won’t matter so much if you forget to empty last night’s dishes, you’ll still have a clean drawer to put your breakfast dishes in.


Professionals who are passionate about their craft will be more than happy to dish out advice free of charge. After all, there’s nothing worse than having to fix someone elses’ dodgy job!


If you consider most effective kitchens you’ve been in, you’ll realise that the sink, hob and fridge are all within close vicinity of each other. They will generally be spread so none (or maybe only two) are on the same wall as each other. This is called a workflow triangle and is designed so you can pivot between workstations easily.


Splash out on the highest quality bench top you can afford. Consider things like how the light will reflect smudges in a gloss, how clumsy you are with dishes on stone, how long you want the kitchen to last and what kind of cleaning products you tend to prefer. All of these will play a part in your choice of tops!