Wood Grain Cabinetry

Wood grain cabinetry can be inviting yet quite quizzing to incorporate in a design, luckily, our Designers have the knowledge and confidence on how to easily present a great contrast using even the most difficult, seeming colours.

Wood grains are the common culprit for a desired look in the kitchen due to the aesthetic look they give and the feel of a natural, relaxing yet modern environment.

There are many different tones of wood grains out there to choose from to suit your colour theme.

The obvious question on your mind is probably “Why is wood gains sifted to the back of the design process for clients?” well, the truth is, is that the key to an exquisite design and completed outcome is having an experienced and passionate Designer by your side each step of the way who can and will consider every and any colour you have in mind instead of putting it in the “too hard” basket – Our designer LOVES working with wood grains and would recommend pairing a wood grain with a not-too-busy benchtop, using a wood grain becomes your main statement piece because of the grains running through the sheet being very eye catching so pairing with a highly patterned benchtop may cause too much attention in too many areas of your kitchen.

Ideally, we would pair a softly patterned (light marbled effect, for example) with your wood grained cabinetry.

The beauty with wood grains is you can still go lighter or darker with your theme, a lot of popular pictures on Pinterest and Magazines are only really showcasing the lighter colours as it is the default “go to” but as said above, there are so many different tones of wood grains and benchtops to tie in with the contrast and all it takes is a wonderful, knowledgeable Designer to help you explore your options.

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