Cleaning out those Cluttered Cupboards

Almost that time to do that dreaded spring clean? Don’t worry, de-cluttering can be a sad yet oddly satisfying time, getting rid of all the Tupperware containers you don’t use but still keep because it will defs get used (but let’s be honest, the only use it’s had is collecting spiderwebs and dust…)

I am always on the ‘procrastinating’ train for cleaning out my cupboards, every time I open them I’m pretty sure I could get lost in there! It’s pretty scary.

I have decided to share my knowledge after finally getting lost in my Tupperware & pots/pans cupboards (I found my way out after 2 days) on how to keep your cupboards up to date and spiderweb free – whether it’s the organization or some handy little DIY projects.

  • Going through my Tupperware cupboards I had to really ask myself whether or not I really needed 57 containers in a small corner cupboard just stacking up on top of each other, some with lost lids and some with cracks in them, now – I’m that person who will literally find any excuse to keep things (call me Whangarei’s #1 Tupperware hoarder if you will…) I pulled every single container out and decided what use is a container without a lid or one that’s about to split in half on me? I threw those ones away and there was already light beaming from the start of my cupboard, I organized biggest to smallest leaving the bigger ones at the back – I had matched them all up with there lids and you would not believe how much room I had – not to mention how clean and tidy it was!
  • If you are wanting to get a little more sorted on a new level of organized, I would highly recommend investing in a shelf called a “Lazy Susan” you can pull this handy little shelf out to avoid bending down all the time to get whatever you have put at the back of the cupboard and it avoids giving you that extra room to have things you don’t use hiding at the back awaiting that slim chance that it may get used. Another benefit of this is that it’s so easy to keep clean, who doesn’t like the sound of that?
  • If you are stuck on what you think you may use in the future – think back to when you last used that container/pot/pan, if you haven’t pulled it out of the cupboard and its looking like a spiders playground with all the cobwebs on it then definitely throw that away, or better yet – take it out give it a good clean and go donate it to the salvation army, this is very rewarding and it gets rid of those containers you don’t need!
  • Search ideas on Pinterest and Google on how to create special, dedicated little pockets to hang on the inside on the door to hold things like utensils/dish-washing brushes etc.
  • Have a garage sale, having a garage sale can encourage you to not only de-clutter your kitchen cupboards but a lot of the other areas in your house while also getting a little something back – fun idea to team up with friends and family!


Check out these ideas: