How to ace selling your home

When it comes to selling your home, a hundred aspects run through your mind like “what do potential buyers actually look at, what is the focal point in my home etc” the kitchen gets the most attention and comments from potential buyers. It’s often the room that is easiest to fall in love…and the one that is easiest to hate. I have a few pointers on how to make these clients fall in love with your sale.


Embrace Grey and White,

To create a kitchen that sells, ditch the complicated and risky colour trends that out-date in few months to come, go for the simplicity and elegance associated with Greys and Whites, Simplicity is an increasingly popular design trend when it comes to kitchens, and should be reflected in the colours you would ideally use when preparing your home for selling.

Why white? Well, simple – white is associated with the clean, bright and crisp illusion. This is also a very versatile colour your potential buyer would be able to alter their personal style with, white gives many opportunities to decorate the kitchen with a pop of colour on appliances or cutlery and storage containers etc.

Okay, so why Grey then? So Grey on the other hand can be portrayed as a very calming and charming colour, it is a very common colour to use if you want to create a warm welcoming environment and comfortable feeling (making those buyers feel at home already!)


Focus on utility,

Buyers don’t just want a kitchen that’s pleasing to the eye – they want a kitchen that functions properly as well. When you’re selling your home, you need to find a good balance between aesthetic design and actual function. Thankfully, there are a lot of creative techniques that you can work into different parts of a kitchen that promote function without degrading the overall personality of a kitchen.

Examples of techniques that promote functional kitchen design include:

  • Built-in storage racks in pantries.
  • Deep drawers to hold more pots/pans/plates/bowels etc, so these are all tidily tucked away.
  • Mini centre islands on wheels that can be moved around various areas of the kitchen based on need (next to the sink, next to guests, off to the side and out of the way).
  • Pull-out bins disguised as a drawer (saves more room than having a free-standing rubbish bin in the way!)


“A great-looking kitchen will draw attention. A great-looking kitchen that also has great function will be unforgettable.”


Create more space,

We all dream of a big kitchen to make our time using it a breeze – highlight the space you have as best you can, there are many techniques best suited to your spacing (read our blog kitchen layouts to identify yours now!) small kitchen space? you can still create the illusion of space and open the room by exposing shelves and cupboards, rather than keeping storage items, plates, and bowls hidden behind suffocating doors, consider replacing your traditional cupboards with open-concept ones. At first thought, you might think that this small change would make a kitchen look messy or cluttered—but it can lend to the warmth and character of a kitchen.


Make a focal point,

I know these tips are guiding you to be simple but having a good focal point can be very mesmerizing like a patterned bench-top or unique lighting to enhance aspects of the kitchen. You can even just spice it up with having funky coloured appliances like your jug or oven! The options are endless, but this gives the view that this kitchen is versatile and again, can be adapted to any taste/style.


Use quality appliances,

Everyone wants to feel like their living in luxury and who wouldn’t want to feel like a top chef?  A lot of buyers are viewing what appliances are in the current design as these appliances are always being updated to the latest gadgets – having a high-quality oven can make this a baker’s paradise, they’ll leave wishing and waiting to bake up a storm using this kitchen! it also adds value to your home and will be one less thing for potential buyers to renovate or upgrade.